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Co-construction Approach

Co-construction is at the heart of IOD's methodology because the client is the best expert in their field. However, IOD's role is to assist them in dealing with complexity to develop models that are simple yet not simplistic, aiming for visible short-term results within operational projects that have medium-term scope and are part of a valid long-term co-development effort.

Combined Co-construction across Three Time Horizons

Co-constructing R&D with our Clients

Since 1998, our collaboration with clients in developing projects addresses their concrete needs while ensuring the sustainability and adaptability of the solutions. We firmly believe in shared growth, where co-constructing, sharing, and pooling resources are key to progressing together.

Involving Clients in Each Project

We place great importance on trust and mutual respect in an ethical and collaborative relationship. Moving beyond the traditional client-supplier dynamic, we seek mutual enrichment where each advancement is the result of cooperation. IOD and the client combine their insights and expertise to create innovative and tailored solutions, together.

Synthetic and Strategic Vision

To ensure a rapid return on investment while aligning with the overall policy, the short, medium, and long term are always connected at IOD Engineering. We take a step back from the day-to-day to focus on strategic perspectives, while remaining firmly rooted in the present. This synthetic approach ensures strategic coherence at every stage of the company's and its employees' development.

Culture of Competence

At IOD, we hold the belief that if the manager is the developer of competencies, the organization is the crucible that enables employees to become the architects of their own professional development. Strengthening the value of "competence" at the heart of the company's culture is essential to us. Therefore, IOD collaborates with its clients to create virtuous circles that promote the continuous development of both employees and the organization. We are committed to fostering an environment where competence is not only recognized but actively encouraged and valued.

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