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Recruitment support

You are in the recruitment process and you want to:

You also want:

And finally:

Cost control with a fixed-price service that respects your recruitment budget.


Stages of the process

  • Request for assessment (email and/or phone)
  • File transfer (e-mail and/or phone)
  • Contacting, scheduling, sending tests
  • Face-to-face or video interview
  • Report writing and e-mailing
  • Debriefing and answering your questions


Controlled schedules

It's important to move quickly because good candidates always have more opportunities, which is why we pay critical attention to deadlines.

In reality, it all depends on the candidate's availability...

Dimensions assessed

We assess candidates along 5 main dimensions:

This assessment method is suitable for environments where labor is scarce: we don't look for the "perfect" candidate, but we want to understand how to build the best possible collaboration with "real" people.

A simplified yet rigorous contracting process

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