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Fair Managing

Founded in 1998, IOD has built on a solid foundation of research and innovation to provide candidate assessment and competency modeling services. Initially focused on decision support, our company has adapted to the ever-changing needs of organizations by focusing on practical, customized solutions.

Over the years, our path has taken us from creating technological solutions for organization and management to implementing structured assessment interviews and coaching programs. The introduction of IOD Core Skills and its evolution into IOD Core v3.2 illustrates our commitment to continuous improvement and to meeting the specific challenges of our clients.

Our Mission

Our mission at IOD is simple: to help our clients align their skills with their strategic goals using tools and methodologies that are both innovative and accessible. We seek to bring our expertise to bear, without pretending to be the best, but striving to provide solutions that are appropriate and effective.

Our Values

Our commitment

At IOD, we favor an approach based on ethics and fairness, believing that success is built in partnership with our clients and our communities. Our open source business model reflects our commitment to openness and knowledge sharing, enabling our customers to take full ownership of our solutions.

Our track record since 1998 reflects a constant quest for solutions that respect the uniqueness of each organization. We believe in engineering that responds effectively to specific needs, while remaining open and accessible to ensure ongoing support.

IOD Ingénierie is committed to working with you, putting our expertise at the service of your objectives, never claiming to be above others, but walking alongside you towards shared success.

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