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What is IOD Core?

A Standardized Competency Framework

IOD Core identifies, describes and categorizes key cross-functional competencies to help organizations better define various roles and responsibilities. IOD Core includes standardized competencies, each with a detailed description that defines what the competency entails, how it can be measured, and in what context it applies.


  • Definition
  • Description
  • Context
  • Development tips
    • Themes for reflection
    • Missions
  • Assessment Tools
    • Behavioral Questions
    • Competency Indicators


This repository is standardized to provide methodological consistency and facilitate the alignment of skills and talents across professions.

Useful on multiple levels

The IOD Core Skills Repository serves as the basis for a number of key HR processes, including

IOD Core helps standardize the way competencies are perceived, assessed and developed within the organization, ensuring consistent talent management aligned on strategic goals.

The use of IOD Core offers managers new insights to help them make more informed hiring, development and career management decisions, ensuring that individuals have the skills needed to meet current and future business challenges. IOD Core aligns human capabilities with the organization's vision and strategy.

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