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Candidate Assessment and Human Development: The Quest for Excellence

Since our establishment in 1998, IOD has been committed to evolving with the ever-changing markets and needs of our clients. Today, we are proud to highlight our most in-demand competency: Candidate Assessment, at the heart of which is IOD Core 3.2, our competency framework.

IOD Core 3.2: a standard for competency assessment

Backed by more than 10 years of intensive testing, both locally and internationally, and available in French and English, IOD Core is now available in version 3.2. This version of our standardized framework precisely defines key cross-functional competencies, facilitating the perfect alignment of talent with roles and responsibilities within organizations. With 42 key competencies divided into 6 domains, IOD Core provides a comprehensive view of the capabilities required for effective strategic talent alignment.

Our services: a full spectrum to accelerate your development

IOD Core is at the center of our expertise, but our service offering remains comprehensive and holistic:

Why should you choose IOD?

Choosing IOD means choosing a partner dedicated to understanding your unique needs and co-creating sustainable solutions. Our goal is to align skills and talents with your strategic vision for optimal performance and unparalleled satisfaction. Whether you're an employer seeking the ideal team or a candidate looking for the "perfect" career strategy, IOD is here to help.

Let's transform talent management together

Join us on our journey to organizational excellence. Discover how IOD Core 3.2 can revolutionize your approach to talent management and help your organization reach new levels of success.

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